As a child, Kevin Laue was a head taller than his classmates with shaggy red hair and one hand.  A prime target for bullies, he constantly struggled to fit in.

Aside from his unusual appearance, he was shuttled back and forth between divorced parents until being blindsided by the early death of his father.  His home situation impacted his academic progress and he couldn’t read until he was in the third grade.

It seemed that everything he wanted was beyond his reach.

In seventh grade, the 6’4” Kevin was cut from his middle school basketball team by a coach who told him he wasn’t cut out for a “two handed sport”.  Facing that rejection and forced to examine his own worth, he made a pivot in his life and dedicated himself to being the best he could be.

He worked hard to become a high school basketball star and top student. Following high school, he graduated Fork Union Military Academy first in his class and earned a B.A. with honors from Manhattan College in three years. In addition to his own efforts, he credits these achievements to teachers and role-models who went outside of the standard curriculum to point him in the direction of success.

“The last thing I wanted was to be a product of my circumstance. I had a dream.  Once I learned to change the way I saw myself, I was capable of creating believers out of everybody. I came to realize that nothing is out of reach.”

Kevin relates to the hardships faced by students and his presentation provides a boost of confidence and self-worth.  He leaves his young audiences with an inspirational challenge and asks them to find a new perspective on the way they see themselves and each other.


Finding Positive Direction Among Negative Influences

The Importance of Goals and Dreams

“Everybody has a nub”: Changing perspective on yourself

What it takes to be a Leader

Believing in yourself

The Significance of Good Role Models

Striving for Excellence



“Kevin touches every athlete, everyone business person, every parent, everyone…. He is a person has overcome more than ten people combined and has come out on top. Look forward to the impact he will have on people worldwide.”

“Kevin delivered an inspirational message about hope, potential, and the power of compassionate teachers to our faculty. He is a special individual with a natural talent for connecting his personal story to the challenges we all face in life.”

“Kevin’s story is remarkable! A real inspiration for all walks of life. Every person Kevin encounters he leaves a lasting impression! I believe he will go on to do some amazing things.”

“Kevin is a true inspiration who speaks directly from the heart.  He is a caring and compassionate person who has an important message that everyone should hear, young and old alike.  After hearing Kevin’s message you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life.”

“What an amazing person and an amazing story that is absolutely relevant for everything we do here day-in, day-out.  Everyone really appreciated it and I was blown away by it all.  What a great sense of humor and example for all of us to emulate.  I haven’t stopped thinking about Kevin – and how many lives he’s influenced through his story. He was humble, articulate, determined.”

“Kevin has one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard. The kids love Kevin, he is a great speaker and even a better person. I look forward to having Kevin speak again!”


  • "Kevin Atlas is the most exciting player in basketball"

  • "Kevin's remarkable and perfectly told story will make you laugh, cry, and think."

  • "Kevin's ability to overcome adversity is a testament to his character, and I admire his strong spirit and resolve. Kevin's dedicated efforts are setting a fine example for people across America."

  • "Kevin is a true inspiration to the game of basketball."

  • "Mr. Atlas is an intriguing subject, smart, affable, and with a dry wit. His story is a memorable account of an inspiring struggle to finish on top."

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