When his left arm was severed in-utero, Kevin Laue was left with a “nub” that barely extended below his elbow.  Despite his prodigious height, red hair and extraordinary athleticism, the “nub” was the thing that defined him and held him back.

With the help of a dedicated AAU basketball coach, Kevin eventually learned to see his “nub” as a strength rather than a handicap and channeled that strength on to the basketball court where he became the first player missing a limb to play NCAA Division 1 basketball.

Today, Kevin challenges his audience to “find their nub” and turn their own weakness in to a strength by understanding it better.


The need to innovate; “Sometimes we have to find new ways to do old things”

What it means to be a leader

Finding strength in the team around you

Finding positive direction among negative influences

Overcoming obstacles

Tales from the basketball court



“Kevin touches every athlete, everyone business person, every parent, everyone…. He is a person has overcome more than ten people combined and has come out on top. Look forward to the impact he will have on people worldwide.”

“Kevin delivered an inspirational message about hope, potential, and the power of compassionate teachers to our faculty. He is a special individual with a natural talent for connecting his personal story to the challenges we all face in life.”

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“Kevin has one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard. The kids love Kevin, he is a great speaker and even a better person. I look forward to having Kevin speak again!”


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